Friday, September 6, 2013

Some produce, a schmear, and a leaf….Kale Burritos!

As a fitness and health nut, eating 5-6 small meals a day every 2-3 hours is non-negotiable. But it can sometimes be challenging to come up with meal ideas that are high-protein, low-fat, and portable. 

 My new go-to? Kale Burritos! They’re not always the prettiest, but they sure are tasty. Here’s two of my favorites; please add additional ideas in comments! Pair these up with a protein shake, and you have an easy meal on the go. 

 Banana & Nut Butter Burrito

 - Rinse two pieces dinosaur kale; pat dry
 - Spread 1T nut butter on kale (Justin’s Classic Almond Butter is one of my fav’s! Try PB2 for a lower cal, higher protein wrap)
 - Place ½ banana (sliced lengthwise) inside
 - Wrap & Enjoy! 

 161 Calories, 6g Protein, 19g Carbs, 9g Fat 

 Cucumber & Hemp Protein Burrito

 - Rinse two pieces dinosaur kale; pat dry
 - Spread schmear:
      o 2T Hemp Protein (Bob’s Red Mill makes a great one!)
      o ¾ t Basil Paste (I like Gourmet Garden brand) 
      o ½ T Honey
 - Place ½ cucumber (sliced lengthwise) inside
 - Wrap & Enoy! 

 173 calories, 8g Protein, 22g Carbs, 6g Fat

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